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Melvin will make the right decisions based on the fact and the law and treat every litigant with impartiality.


Melvin is a proud conservative who loves his country and our traditional American ideals.

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AboutMelvin Thathiah

Melvin met his wife, Alyson, while they both attended Texas A&M University in 1999 while they were working together at transfer camp. They dated for a few years and because of their strong ties and relationships with Texas A&M, Melvin decided to propose to Alyson in 2005 under the famous Century Tree at A&M.

Melvin Thathiah is a proud husband, a loving father, and experienced judge who is eager to restore a transparent and ethical legal system to Collin County.

Melvin has been working within the legal system for almost 15 years, including his time as a visiting judge for the Justice Courts of Collin County, as well as the last four years running his own private practice in Plano, Texas. He has litigated hundreds of Bench Trials and over 50 Jury Trials as first-chair, giving him the experience, perspective, and wisdom we need to move our legal system forward.

In addition to his work history, Melvin is also a member of the Collin County Bar Association, Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and Aggie Bar Association.

Like any true Texan, Melvin understands the benefits and rewards of hard work, perseverance, and having faith in one’s own ability to reach their goals. After receiving his Juris Doctorate from the Florida Coastal School of Law, Melvin worked for other law offices over the span of ten years before starting his own practice in 2016.

As our judge, Melvin will provide the refreshing blend of passion, work ethic, and personal investment in our community that we’ve needed for years. He will make the necessary tough decisions and apply the law accurately and equitably to all cases, ensuring a safe and bright future for the citizens of Collin County.



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